A Document Manager & Presentation Tool for companies with mobile sales teams

With Cloardkit, your sales team can instantly access up-to-date materials,
deliver impressive sales presentations, and close more sales - all from their iPad.

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Easily manage and distribute marketing collateral
to your mobile sales team from one central place.


Here's How It Works

Easily Distribute Files

1. Easily Distribute Files

From our admin console, managers can upload, organize, and instantly distribute the latest marketing collateral to their team.

Make More Sales

2. Make More Sales

Within seconds, your sales team can access up-to-date files, deliver engaging presentations, and close more sales - all from their iPads.

Manage Your Team

3. Manage Your Team

View detailed reports of your team's performance and marketing collateral. Message your team with notifications and get feedback on files with memos.

A Customizable and Professional Presentation Tool

A Customizable and Professional Presentation Tool

Whether it's powerpoint presentations, videos, or pdfs, your team can present everything on Cloardkit - without switching between apps.

And with customizable logos and colors, your team can deliver professional sales pitches that match your brand and product.

A simpler and easier way to access files

With Cloardkit, managers can assign relevant tags and keywords to each file (and decide what each user can see). That way, your team can quickly find the files they need (without sorting through folders).

You can also make as many "teams" as you'd like. It's perfect for companies with many products, departments, regional offices, or franchisees.

Training and onboarding new members becomes a breeze with our versatile yet easy-to-use interface!

A simpler and easier way to access files

Impress Your Customers & Make More Sales

Impress Your Customers & Make More Sales

Easily print and e-mail multiple files to clients without opening another app. Use pre-made templates to send professional e-mails in seconds!

You can also embed links to external webpages on any file. That way, your team can quickly access frequently used links like order forms, sales agreements, and feedback surveys directly from the app.

With offline access your team can make impressive sales pitches anytime and anywhere.

Improve marketing collateral with data

Built-in analytics gives managers hard data on what's working and what isn't. Know which files your team members are using and how often.

Generate detailed reports on your team's performance, user activity, and even document usage within specific date ranges.

Improve marketing collateral with data

Communicate with your team - wherever they are.

Communicate with your team - wherever they are.

Notifications allow mangers to instantly message and update every team member.

Memos allow you to notify your team about updates or changes within documents. Receive feedback from team members and even answer their questions.

Worry Less, Sell More.

Since your data is backed up in our encrypted server with bank-level security, your sensitive documents are always secure.

And with web and Android apps coming soon, you'll be able to access Cloardkit from almost any device!

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  • 3GB Data Storage
  • Unlimited Team
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Stress less about printing and distributing marketing collateral.
Supercharge your sales team with Cloardkit.


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Being in Sales for so many years, Not having to waste time searching for up to date information makes selling much more enjoyable!
Karen New
CEO - Omnitoons Pte. Ltd.
I have been searching for many years for something like Cloard Kit. I now spend more time meeting clients and closing sales. Before Cloard Kit, a lot of my time was wasted searching for documents to present or send to clients.
Kenny Tay
MD - Venture Platform Pte Ltd

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